20 years experience! All Breeds, All Dogs, All Problems!

“Every dog is different. You have to get inside their mind to understand what motivates them to listen to you and create a lasting, healthy relationship.”

Bernadette Pflug – Founder of BlackPaw Dog Training is one of Colorado’s foremost dog trainers. She has been studying dog behavior for more than 20 years. Her unique approach is fast and fun and helps you develop a better relationship with your dog! With training, your unruly pup can be transformed into a loving and controllable family member. They’ll be happier because they are no longer getting into so much trouble! Your family will be happier because the dog is no longer a source of frustration, but instead a source of enjoyment, comfort and love.

Bernadette and her team of trainers are experienced with many gentle training techniques, enabling them to customize a training plan that works for your individual dog. Since no two dogs are alike, a cookie cutter training approach doesn’t work. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, Bernadette has trained them all. She specializes in creating fantastic family dogs with: pack work, understanding your dog’s natural drives and how to shift them, functional obedience, behavior modification, dog psychology,  rehabilitation of aggressive dogs and off-leash control.

Her credentials include:

  • Search & Rescue Trainer/ Handler for 10+ years
  • Assisting Colorado law enforcement agencies with rescue missions around the state.
  • CPDT(Certified Professional Dog Trainer) Requires more than 300 hours of teaching group classes, an extensive written test, and recommendations from vets, clients, and other trainers.
  • Certified in the E-touch & Force Free Method ™
  • Graduate of Martin Deeley’s International Schools For Dog Trainers
  • Professional Member of the IACP(International Assoc. of Canine Professionals)
  • AKC CGC Evaluator
  • Regular contributor to Equus magazine with articles on dogs and horses.

Bernadette is also an accomplished equestrian and currently competes in both Western and English riding events at American Paint Horse Association horse shows across the country. She is also an avid trail rider and can often be found enjoying the Colorado mountains on horseback. Bernadette studies natural horsemanship and applies many of those techniques in her work with dogs.

Bernadette became passionate about training when she got her first really challenging dog “Ranger”. Her German Shepherd puppy, had serious separation anxiety and a great desire for a job. After destroying Bernadette’s house several times, she discovered an occupation he loved: Search and Rescue. With an outlet for his energy, Ranger stopped his destructive behavior and soon became Bernadette’s trusted partner on search missions. Bernadette and Ranger certified as a wilderness trailing team, assisting local law enforcement and other SAR teams around the state in locating lost hikers, children, Alzheimers patients and others. Trailing is when a dog roughly follows the path a person has walked. Each person deposits their unique scent wherever they go and with the use of a scent article(anything worn close to the body) dogs are able to pick out that specific person’s scent.

After an outstanding career as a search dog, Ranger passed away on September 16, 2007. He is greatly missed.

In order to stay current on the latest training techniques and animal behavior research, Bernadette attends various seminars and workshops throughout the year, taught by some of the top professionals in the field of dog training.

She has handled dogs and been featured on Animal Planet, Channel 9 KUSA Denver, WB2 News Denver, Dog Fancy magazine, Equus magazine and the Denver Post.