Introducing Your Two Best Friends

Here’s how to lay the groundwork to ensure that your dog and your horse will become the best of barn buddies. Many of us wouldn’t think of heading out to the barn without a dog in tow. After all, dogs enjoy the fresh air, constant activity and room to roam of the equestrian life as […]


Fear and Its Role In Training

by Bernadette Pflug, CPDTBlackPaw Dog TrainingLafayette, Colorado We’ve had several dogs in for training recently who have had major fear issues. Often, they are behaving aggressively, either towards other dogs or towards people, in an attempt to increase their social distance from strangers or unknown dogs. It’s a troubling topic for owners who aren’t sure […]


Leadership In Dog Training vs Dominance Theory

Leadership In Dog Training vs Dominance Theory by Bernadette Pflug, CPDT BlackPaw Dog TrainingLouisville, CO   There has been much written about leadership in dog training. Many times leadership is mistakenly referred to as dominance, but how do these concepts differ? Leadership is defined as a person who guides or directs a group whereas dominance […]