If you are struggling with your dog over unwanted behaviors, it can lead to frustration and not enjoying your time together. We can help with simple tried and tested techniques to put an end to the aggravation!

“I struggled badly with her pulling on the leash and not listening to me. I went through a half dozen harnesses, could never run with her because her speed and pulling would likely kill me. That was until I sent her to Black Paw for a 2-week training camp. Bernadette and her team worked daily to teach Giddy leash manners, how to sit calmly in a public place, how to listen consistently while off leash, and a host of other common skills that make for a polite dog. Since I brought her home, it has become one of my great joys each day to walk Giddy because 99% of the time, it’s more like walking with a friend, as opposed to maintaining a wild creature.”
~ Andrea, Golden, CO