“Meet Oaken. After being highly socialized for the first 6 months of his life, other dogs suddenly were the enemy. After engaging in more than one dog fight, off leash hikes and bike rides became obsolete. I began avoiding all trails with off-leash dogs, dog-occupied aisles at local stores, and I was terrified of Oaken meeting my new boyfriend’s dog – Bernie. Determined to make our life better, I enlisted the help of another local trainer. He deemed that even with extensive training, Oaken would never be able to be around dogs. After a few sessions with him, I knew that we needed to go somewhere else. Then came Bernadette. After two weeks at boarding school, Oaken is a dog that is responsive, respectful, and best of all – he is able to interact with other dogs. Bernie is now his best friend. While he will never be a “dog park dog”, Oaken and I are now able to enjoy off leash hikes, mountain bike rides, and skijoring. Working with Bernadette has been a life changing experience for both me and Oaken, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the quality of life she has given us. Thank you, Bernadette!”