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tiny brown fluffy puppy at dog training camp

3 Behavior Issues Solved at Dog Training Camp

Every dog has a heart of gold, but behavior issues can sometimes overshadow this inner sweetheart. You love your pup ...
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Dogs and trainers in an open field with mountains on the horizon.

Why Use a Board and Train Facility?

Every dog owner imagines that their four-footed family member will be perfectly behaved. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.
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Puppy after being vaccinated for dog respiratory illness

Staying Social During The Mystery Dog Respiratory Illness

The dog respiratory illness is concerning, but it's important not to let it interfere with socializing your puppy.
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Black German shepherd dog riding a kayak in Colorado

Kayaking with Your Dog: A Guide

For several years, I have wanted to get into kayaking with my pups. We have a great dog-owner relationship and ...
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