Perfect Pooch Program

Two-Week Boarding School

$3,995 for dogs 6 months & older
The Perfect Pooch Program is best for happy, excitable, young dogs and their families who enjoy hiking, running, and camping, and want full confidence in their dog’s behavior. With our dog training boarding school, it’s two weeks to a new dog!

Gone are the days of struggling to keep your dog from dragging you along during walks. Gone is the fear of what they might do when they see another person or dog. Gone is the apprehension of taking your lovable pet out and showing them off to the world.

Happy golden retriever at a dog training boarding school in Boulder

Wouldn’t you just love to relax and know that they won’t jump when guests come over or go crazy when the doorbell rings? Or when you’re outside, wouldn’t it be great to watch your dog run free, unrestrained by the leash?

Our obedience training for dogs lets your pup feel the rush of pure joy as they run through an open field, and it gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your dog will come back when called the first time, every time. Our dog training boarding school gives you the ultimate freedom of your dog listening in every situation.

Who Needs the Perfect Pooch Program?

Have you tried to hike with your dog off-leash but found that they only come if you have treats? Is your dog jumping on everyone who comes over? Does your dog bark incessantly and your neighbors are complaining? Then the Perfect Pooch Program is for you.

This program addresses:

This program includes:

What to Expect

Your dog will come for a two-week stay at our beautiful farm and training center where they will receive multiple training sessions each day. While they are learning with us, you will be provided with our exclusive training videos and handbook to prepare you for life with your dog after training. We send multiple pictures, videos, and updates to keep you posted on your dog’s progress in our program. As they near graduation, we provide you with multiple virtual and in-person lessons preparing you for working with your dog moving forward. Our goal is to set both your dog and your family up for a lifetime of success.

“The team at BlackPaw is fantastic! The depth of skill, knowledge, and focus sets up dogs for success. The team built a wonderfully strong relationship with our GSP and the level of care for her was top-notch. She participated in a two-week board and train, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Her recall with distractions is near 100% and her separation anxiety is reduced a ton! After two years of trying everything that we could, she walks on a leash (or off-leash) with a perfect heel. No more pulling!”

—Kyle R.

Perfect Pooch Program Success Story

well-trained dog sitting on a tree stump


Cooper is a big, sweet puppy, but his owners were frustrated with his selective hearing and lack of impulse control.

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At BlackPaw Dog Training we strive to produce extraordinary results and to develop happy and confident dogs. We achieve this by using a method called “balanced training,” which combines the best parts of both traditional and contemporary training styles.

We have developed our own exclusive method of using the vibrating electronic collar gently and effectively. With a subtle vibrating sensation much like the technology you are familiar with in your phone or smart watch, we use the e-collar to break the dog’s fixation on distractions and help them to better pay attention to their handler.

Simply put, a dog training boarding school provides better results than anything possible with group classes or private lessons. It allows us to give back a better-trained dog than you ever imagined, and our approach focuses on two training principles. The first is Quality. While he or she is with us, every interaction with your dog is conducted with the full attention of a professional trainer. Our second training principle is Quantity. We train your dog all throughout the day, allowing us to have many, many chances to teach your dog the right thing to do in any situation. Training requires patience and repetition, and most people are too busy to take the time required to truly train their dog.

Our boarding school programs are much like summer camps for dogs. Their day begins bright and early with a pack run on the farm. During their time off leash, besides playing and socializing, the dogs are learning to come when called (even with our farm distractions of horses, goats, barn cats, and bunnies). Next, they begin several focused training sessions with our trainers, where they are taught heel, sit, down, come, stay, leave it, and the place command, which helps your dog relax in a specific spot. Then, we take our training sessions on the road to ensure they will listen in busy public places. We go for walks at area parks, through hardware stores, shopping centers, and the like. The day wraps up with another session of large field socialization on the farm. The pups are busy all day, before being put to bed in their own individual, climate-controlled kennel.

The Perfect Pooch Program is designed for happy, well-adjusted pups in need of self-control and training. If your complaints include your dog jumping on people, play biting, tearing up items in the house, pulling on the leash and not coming when called, then this is the program for you.

The Total Behavior Reboot is designed for those dogs needing deeper intervention. If your dog is suffering from fear, anxiety, reactivity, or aggression, this course is designed to help rehabilitate them. Our three-week program gives us more time to dive deep into helping your dog through their issues. Your dog will learn the same skills as the Perfect Pooch Program, but we also focus heavily on providing support and solutions to your dog’s behavioral issues.

Large field socialization is a training technique designed to socialize dogs in a way that makes sense to them. Unlike doggie daycares or dog parks that often have too many dogs in too small of a space, which can increase fear and anxiety, large field socialization uses several acres and a small group of balanced dogs to resocialize other pups in a safer way. This technique is highly effective at rehabilitating fearful, reactive, or aggressive dogs.
We have found that in order to create lasting change, dogs must be immersed in a balanced pack for at least two weeks. One-and-done visits are not enough to truly change how the dog feels about other dogs.

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