10-Month-Old Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepherd Mix

Obedient dog after he received pack drive development

Cooper is a big, but sweet puppy. His owners were frustrated with his selective hearing and lack of impulse control. Like a lot of dogs bred to guard a flock of sheep, Cooper likes to stand outside and bark, which was causing some frustration with the neighbors. He had also begun to evade his family when being called to come inside. Fixing these issues would require pack drive development.

When Cooper arrived for training, we began developing his pack drive, or desire to follow a person. Some breeds have more pack drive than others naturally, and Cooper was on the lower end of the spectrum. Dogs with poor pack drive development tend to be more independent and less interested in pleasing their person. Developing that drive as much as possible helps build their desire to listen and follow a person’s lead. We have several exercises with the vibrating electronic collar that create clarity for the dog and help them to understand that working with the person is the most desirable choice in any situation. Soon, Cooper was coming when called like a champ and ready to have more freedom and fun!

Owner’s Feedback

“We highly recommend BlackPaw for dog training. Bernadette and her team provided comprehensive information for what to expect beforehand and the follow-ups after our dog’s board & train have all been just as thorough. They understand dogs well and provide clear guidance to maintain your dog’s learning at home. They’re lovely people and great to work with!!

Our pup Cooper is stubborn and we were looking for help with him being a better listener, returning to us when being called, and to curb barking. He achieved all these things during his time at BlackPaw and we now have the tools to reinforce it at home.

It is a significant investment in your family’s and dog’s happiness and well-being; it’s absolutely worth it.”

—Diana C., Erie, Colorado

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