Bernadette Pflug

Founder / Head Trainer

Hi everybody, I’m Bernadette Pflug, founder and owner of BlackPaw Dog Training. I founded BlackPaw Dog Training with two big goals: to help dog owners struggling with their pups and help those pups to live the most fulfilling lives possible. I’ve used my experience as a Search & Rescue trainer and handler to develop a unique program that gets real results, real fast – even for the most challenging dog issues. We create some of Colorado’s most amazing family dogs! 

Bernadette became passionate about training when she got her first really challenging dog “Ranger”. Her German Shepherd puppy had serious separation anxiety and a great desire for a job. After destroying Bernadette’s house several times, she discovered an occupation he loved: Search and Rescue. With an outlet for his energy, Ranger stopped his destructive behavior and soon became Bernadette’s trusted partner on search missions. 

She has worked with and studied under some of the best trainers in the world both past and present.

She has been twice honored by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office with a commendation award for her work in the community. 

She enjoys hiking and kayaking with her German Shepherds.

Bernadette is also an accomplished equestrian and currently competes in both Western and English riding events at American Paint Horse Association horse shows across the country. She is also an avid trail rider and can often be found enjoying the Colorado mountains on horseback. Bernadette studies natural horsemanship and applies many of those techniques in her work with dogs.

Meet the Team


BlackPaw Trainer

Born and raised in the mountains of Italy into a family of Equestrians, there was never a time that Cecilia did not have a dog by her side. It was always clear to her that her purpose in life was to foster the connection between humans and animals through her devotion to dogs. 


After moving to Los Angeles, 20 years ago, Cecilia returned to her beloved animals working as a professional dog walker, and working with renowned trainer Lynn Medlin and Dog Town Dog Training, as well as working with private clients. With this understanding in her heart, Cecilia enrolled at the Animal Behavioral College to further her education and received her Trainer Certification with a focus in Dog Training. To further understand pack mentality and dog behaviors, she furthered her education at Lucas-Agnew Advanced Learning Program with a concentration in Dog Psychology. Education and training are mainstays to her practice and principles.


She is the happy mother of six (five canine and one human) children and the wife of filmmaker and creative, Adrian Fulle.


BlackPaw Trainer

Hi, I’m Logan! I’ve had a passion for animals my entire life, beginning with my first dog, Spud the Maltipoo. My first job was an office assistant at a veterinary clinic while I was in high school. I continued working with dogs in different ways, including at high volume daycare and grooming facilities in New York City. When moving back to Colorado, I knew I wanted to pursue dog training, which led me to Blackpaw! It’s been so great to have a deeper understanding of dog psychology and help make a positive difference in their lives.