The Chase

CASE STUDY: ROSCOE By Bernadette Pflug, CPDT BlackPaw Dog TrainingLafayette, Colorado Driving down the long, winding lane to her home, Pam could see a white flash darting through the pasture.  A pit rose up in her stomach as she feared the worst. Less than an hour ago, she had brought home an adorable yearling miniature donkey as […]


House Training

Early on (8-12 weeks) your puppy will need to go potty frequently. After eating, after napping, after playing, after drinking… you get the idea.  Take your puppy out at least once per hour during the day. Here are some tips to make house training a breeze! 1) Feeding Schedule/Potty Schedule– First, get your puppy on a […]



Like people, dog have certain times in their mental development in which they learn about the world around them. Extensive research on how to impact dog behavior found that puppies who were isolated from human contact between five and twelve weeks were never able to react normally to people later in life.  This is called […]