Kayaking with Your Dog: A Guide

Kayaking with Your Dog: A Guide For several years, I have wanted to get into kayaking with my pups. We love to get out and hike but kayaking allows us to see places we wouldn’t see otherwise, get out of the summer heat, and enjoy the tranquility of being on the water alone. But before […]


Fire Evacuation Tips

It’s been a year now since the Marshall Fire devastated our hometown of Louisville, Colorado. It’s the town we chose when we first moved to Colorado in 1996 because of the warm people and sweet small town feel. Louisville is where our daughter was born, and attended pre-school through eight grade. She was fortunate to […]


Why You Should Never Get Two Puppies

Getting a puppy is always an exciting time! Meeting a group of roly poly little furballs can be intoxicating and trying to pick just one, almost impossible. But when you’re selecting your new family member, avoid the temptation to bring home two sibling puppies from the same litter, at the same time. Many people who […]