The Difference Between Management and Training

We often hear from clients who are having issues with their dog getting into the trash when they’re not home, chewing the baseboards, chewing sofa cushions or pillows, chewing up socks and underwear, getting into the dirty laundry or stealing children’s toys. The list usually attributed to bad qualities of a dog goes on.   […]


The Beauty of Crating

Whenever we meet with a new client or send a dog home from our boarding school program, we usually recommend that owner crate the dog in the car. Most times they say, “I have a crate but it’s in the house.” That’s great. We are big proponents of the crate as a management tool in […]


Introducing Your Two Best Friends

Here’s how to lay the groundwork to ensure that your dog and your horse will become the best of barn buddies. Many of us wouldn’t think of heading out to the barn without a dog in tow. After all, dogs enjoy the fresh air, constant activity and room to roam of the equestrian life as […]