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“I was referred to Bernadette’s by two of my friends. I took my 9 month old yellow lab Sally to Bernadette’s 2 week training program. It has been 2 weeks since I brought my sweet dog home. Bernadette is a true dog whisperer and absolutely amazing. Updates: I can now take my dog for an enjoyable walk and she stays by my side without pulling, she does not jump on company, does not bark incessantly, has not jumped my fence again, she sleeps in her crate throughout the night (without whining, barking, and pawing at the door; I sleep through the night without having to let her outside!) There are so many other positive changes too numerous to list. She spent 3 hours with me on ‘pick up’ day and that education was essential. I continue to spend time training Sally every day as training does not end after the 2 week period is completed. The relationship I have with my dog has changed completely and it is difficult to explain. No more stress. Her eye contact with me is awesome. Thank you Bernadette for a wonderful dog training experience with Sally. It has changed my life :). We all are so happy and look forward to great years ahead with our dog.”
Kim N., Erie, CO

Our boarding school is the quick and easy way to get your dog trained, with exceptional results – beyond anything achievable in a group class or private lesson setting.  During their visit with us, your dog learns all the skills needed to be a polite companion, able to go happily anywhere with your family. The investment for our boarding school program pays off for a lifetime.  All behavior issues are covered, depending on which program you choose, including housebreaking, begging, jumping, stealing food, pulling on the leash, running away, not coming when called, door dashing, barking and just plain listening to their owner.

At the end of their stay, you’ll receive an extensive orientation on how to maintain your dog’s new and improved training.

Best of all, our Boarding School programs come with continued support for you and your dog.



We talk a lot about the importance of leadership in our training programs and Huck is a great example of why this part of your relationship with your dog is so important. Huck is a Native American Dog with a DNA test showing he’s 30% wolf. At nine months old he has already bitten both of his owners, sending his dad to the emergency room. All his bites are related to guarding resources, food, space, or stolen objects like shoes. All dogs require leadership to live happy, comfortable lives and to live peacefully in our homes but some require more than others and Huck is one of those dogs. So many people mistake leadership for physical force. They are not the same thing. Leadership for dogs is all about controlling movement and resources. If your dog is free roaming in the house all day, free feeding from a full food bowl whenever he wants, sleeping in your bed, rushing out doors, deciding where you go on walks and pretty much making his own decisions all day, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t mind telling you to buzz off from time to time and that can include using his mouth, just like he would with another dog.

We start Huck out in our training & rehab program like any other dog, except wearing a muzzle for our safety. We take control of all resources, including his dog food, requiring he earn them from us by following our directions and offering polite behavior. We took control of his decision making. When you are making the important decisions for your dog, you have a much better chance that things will turn out well and the dog starts to look to you for direction. You have suddenly become relevant and your status changes in his mind. Relationship is everything with dogs and Huck and his owners are rebuilding that now with a lot more trust and respect.


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