($4,995 for pups 10 weeks - 5 months)

Our exclusive puppy head start program is a comprehensive training plan designed to get your puppy off to a great start! This program includes:

Potty training
Crate training
Confidence building
Introducing leash skills
Teaching name recognition
Tolerating touching, handling, brushing, & nail clipping 
Addressing problem behaviors like nipping, jumping, whining, & barking
Basic knowledge of sit, down, come, leave it, and place
We begin with five days of all day training when your pup is young and very impressionable and their key socialization window is open (between two and five months of age.) Pups are dropped off at the BlackPaw Training Center between 9am – 10am and picked up between 3pm – 4pm, Monday – Friday. You will be provided a recap at the end of each day along with instructions to guide you in continuing the training at home. 
Once your pup reaches six months of age, they will return for their complete adult dog training in our two week Dream Dog boarding school program. This is our most popular program providing off leash reliability and a lifetime of enjoyment from your dog. Getting your pup off to the right start will reap a lifetime of rewards!