Like people, dog have certain times in their mental development in which they learn about the world around them. Extensive research on how to impact dog behavior found that puppies who were isolated from human contact between five and twelve weeks were never able to react normally to people later in life.  This is called […]


Leadership Skills For Dog Owners

Dogs are pack animals. By adopting a dog, you have made him part of your pack or family. In order to lead your dog, you must attain his respect through leadership. Leadership is an attitude, a state of mind. It’s not about strength or harshness. Leaders are fair, kind & consistent teachers. Dog training is […]


Ten Secrets To A Super Dog

Ten Secrets To A Super Dog by Bernadette Pflug , Certified Pet Dog TrainerAs printed in the Louisville Times / Superior Observer 2007 From time to time, you see the perfect pair. Whether engrossed in a lively game of frisbee, or working nearly as one on the agility course, when a dog has found his […]